Cat + Johnny

I have a million and one things on my mind right now that I need to do, but I figured I should prioritize blogging considering it’s been months since my last post. Currently, I’m running on less than two hours of sleep. My dog had ACL surgery yesterday and last night was rough. She was uncomfortable, ripped her cone off (that she’s supposed to wear for two weeks straight. Yeah, right.) and tossed and turned all night. Needless to say, I’m one tired dog mom. Props to you moms with actual humans to keep alive, you da real MVP because sleep = life.

I met Cat at the Alpine Northwest Workshop that was held in Olympic National Park last June. She’s an amazing photographer herself. We stayed in touch and I had her paint a watercolor portrait of my dog (have you realized I’m obsessed and crazy about my dog yet?), and when I was visiting Colorado in May I hit her up for a session. I have always been in love with red rocks and was super stoked to get some desert vibes for a shoot. I’ve been to Red Rocks previously, but it was in March 2013 and I didn’t get the chance to explore like I did when the weather was perfect. We met up at the Will Call Trail and had to navigate her husband, Johnny, through a herd of cars lined up for graduation. How cool would it be to have your graduation held there? Like, whaaat? Jealous. We hiked around, ran on and off the trail and hid from park rangers so we wouldn’t get kicked out for not having a permit — do not recommend not getting one, btw — but we worked it.

Okay, are you sick of reading this? I’m just impressed you’ve made it this far. Now, go enjoy Cat and Johnny’s newlywed love.


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