I learned to always take on things I'd never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.

Someone once told me, “You know – you’re good, but you’re not THAT good.” And I shook my head in agreement. But, secretly, inside I was screaming. I took that as a big “screw you” and used it to fuel my fire; to work my butt off; to craft my skill and push myself in every way possible to become the best artist I knew I was. I knew I wanted to connect my art with people’s stories + leave a piece of myself in each and every session.

I’ve led and taught 5 photography workshops stateside and internationally alongside my peers. I’ve mentored so many photographers in my 7 years of being a photographer, and I continue to grow and learn myself from each mentee I’m lucky enough to meet.

I continuously further my education in order to keep teaching others. I’m always a student, constantly growing, changing and evolving, just like you.

I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone – traveled all over the country and outside of it to learn how to shoot in different elements with complete strangers. I’ve asked all the questions until people told me to shut up. I’ve invested a lot of money into education and developing my craft. I spontaneously take trips because my creative outlet is craving for something different, something new. I’ve been mentored; I’ve mentored others. I’ve failed and succeeded even more. I believe in community over competition. I know that if I had this dream and was just starting out but had no idea how to, I would’ve loved to have someone to mentor me along the way.

If this speaks to you, check out what I offer below and fill out the contact form for next steps!


This is a 60-minute, Q+A styled session all about you and your business! This session is catered to you. You’ll come up with a list of questions to cover.

Some ideas for topics can include:
+ turning your passion/hobby into a full-time dream job
+ booking process and workflow
+ gear
+ organization tips and tricks
+ pricing and contracts
+ how to book your ideal clients

This mentor session is $350 and can be done via Skype, FaceTime or over a phone call!


This can be considered a mini-workshop completely catered to you + your business! We’ll start by meeting up for coffee and talk all things business for an hour. I’m an open book so this the perfect chance to ask me allll the questions you have. We can cover everything under the sun – from booking your dream clients, marketing yourself and your brand, workflow for editing, all things post processing, some tips and tricks in Lightroom, editing, we can set you up with HoneyBook (an amazing CRM tool that has revolutionized and changed my life when it comes to keeping track of everything client-related).

Once we’re done covering all the nitty-gritty business deets, we’ll go to a 1 hour styled shoot where you’ll get to shoot alongside me, see how I work and direct couples in action. I’ll make you get out of your comfort zone and learn new things (that’s what we’re all here for, right?!). This is where you’re going to get that hands-on experience that you’ve been looking for. We’ll go to a location and aesthetic style that fits you and your brand. I'll teach you how I direct my couples alongside my approach to shooting and everything in between. This session is ideal for those ready to take the next big step in their business or someone who needs to get out of a creative rut.

This session lasts 2 hours and is $600. For an additional fee of $200, you can add a styled elopement/bridals if you're looking to break into the wedding industry or just build your portfolio!

Please fill out the contact form. I'll be in touch within 48 hours of your inquiry!

currently accepting 2021 + 2022 mentorships