Maumee Bay Summer Engagements

November 11, 2021

This was the best sunset I’ve ever witnessed at Maumee Bay on Lake Erie. The yummiest, warmest late summertime golden hour was everything for their engagement session. Did you know this was a summertime engagement session at Maumee Bay? –> I write that for the sole benefit of SEO and Google being nicer to me because I don’t understand a lot of parts of the internet.

Admittedly, I’m not a really great writer. But here I am doing the dang thing. Lindsay + Tyler came into their session with open minds and open hearts. Honestly, this small little Lake Erie beach showed off its greatest assets this evening. I was impressed. This was the dreaded summer of 2020, and they’ve since been married, but it’s still up there on my top list of photoshoots.


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