How to Incorporate Your Engagement Photos into Your Wedding

August 15, 2022

Engagement photos are not only a super fun date night to remember but they leave you with photos that you can use for more than just a keepsake. I’m sure you spent tons of time picking out your perfect outfits for your engagement photos, planning out your engagement session, and paying for these photos to be captured! If so, it is only right for you to incorporate them on your wedding day.

There are many ways to incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding but today I wanted to share just a few of my favorite ideas. These ideas are not only simple and easy but are a great use for your photos. If you are someone looking for more inspiration and a good use for your engagement photos, be sure to keep on scrolling for more.


First things first, normally when you get your engagement photos done you use them for save the dates. This is a super easy one and is a great way to start incorporating your engagement photos into your wedding. The save the date can go out to all your friends and family who you’re inviting to your wedding!


After your wedding day is over, you can send out thank you cards! These thank you cards can have your engagement photos on them. It’s a sweet way to thank all your guest for coming to you and your partner’s special day.


Not everyone does this but it really is a great thing to do at your wedding. You can have personal favors for your guests and they can be displayed on any display piece or even at their dinner table! This is something that your guests can keep forever and cherish


Who says you can’t put engagement photos in your guestbook? On each page, you can have a picture of you and your partner in small size or enlarged and have your guests sign right next to it. This is one of my favorite ideas and they get to flip through your engagement pics!


Not everyone makes a wedding of sight but for those that do you will need photos and this is when your engagement photos come into play. A wedding website is a site that allows your guests to RSVP, see the location and time, and much more.


The best way to use your engagement photos and incorporate them into your wedding is by using them as table decor! You can put a picture frames with you and your partner’s engagement photos are you even cute little personalize pieces to add to each table. This is great for when your guests are entering your venue so they can see your photos or for them just simply look out and see how sweet they came out.

I hope this blog on “How to incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding” gave you some ideas and inspiration to use for your wedding. To get some more inspiration and help with wedding planning check out, My Top Wedding Planning Tips. If you’re located in Ohio and want to book me for your big day click here!


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