How to Create Blurry Photos in All Types of Settings

May 16, 2022

Blurry images are a huge trend right now and something I personally love incorporating into client’s galleries. So, today, I’m excited to share some of my tips on how to create blurry photos in all types of settings with you! Because you really can create blurry photos during every kind of session in all kinds of surroundings and lightings.

Once you nail that blurry aesthetic you’ll be wanting to do it all the time. I know I do!

Camera settings: Canon R5, 35mm 1.4, ISO 100, F/11, 1/13.


Motion is KEY!! If your subject(s) aren’t moving then your blurry photos will not come out as you imagined. Always give your clients a scenario or specific instruction while you capture them doing their thing! For example, I ask my couples to drunk walk toward me while keeping my camera still and allowing them, the subjects, to create the movement. This is also great during wedding receptions when all the guests are dancing around and having fun.


There are many ways to create blurry photographs but slowing your shutter speed is one of the best ways. When your shutter is open for a longer amount of time your couple will be able to move fast as it’s slowing the opening creating a blur. Typically, I keep my shutter speed anywhere from 1/13-1/20 for this blurring effect. Your aperture and ISO will vary depending on the lighting situation – adjust accordingly! This method is one of the easiest so I would highly recommend trying it out!


If you’re looking for a still-blur photo then simply put your camera’s focus off of the subjects. This puts them in a blur and the background of the image in clarity. This isn’t a motion blur type of photo but it is still a great thing to try out next time you are with your camera.

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” We knew the photos were going to be amazing but the experience with Jenna… wowow, there are no words!! We felt so comfortable in what can be such an awkward experience. She made us feel seen, welcomed, and every single photo exudes who we are as a couple. She truly went above and beyond and was such a dream to work with! There’s so much I could say, so I’ll keep it short and sweet – hire her, you’ll be so happy that you did.”

-Jessica W.


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