Editorial Portraits in Chicago Studio

April 27, 2022

Shooting editorial portraits is right at the top of my favorites list. It gets me out of my comfort zone and routine that is so natural with couples, and makes me lean hard into my creativity. Editorial portrait photography is hard. Especially for primarily a couples photographer. Shooting in a studio is also at the top of my favorites list.

Quick side note: I’m opening my own rentable photography studio in Toledo! We NEED it here, and I’ve heard time and time again how much this market would benefit from one. Well, keep your eyes peeled. This is the first time I’ve ever publicly announced that I’m opening one! If you see this, be sure to mention this to me because I highly doubt anyone will actually be reading this. I’ll be impressed if you are reading this!

Anyway, I drive to Chicago a lot for work. Like, when I tell you I did the 3.5 hour drive from Toledo to Chicago abouttttt 7 times in 3 months, I’m not exaggerating. This visit was with Chicago model, Anna Page, who I’ve shot with a ton. Be sure to check out our other work together on the blog! We shot at Wicker Park Studio, which is an artist-ran hourly rental studio in the heart of Wicker Park, Chicago. We both wanted to do something outside the norm of our typical bridal shoots. We both agreed editorial portraits would be the way to go. Anna came up with a creative idea to feature a monochromatic look and tulle. I shot in some crazy angles and we created some magic together.

If you’re getting married in the Chicago area, hit up this hair and makeup team – they ALWAYS nail these looks every time we shoot. And let’s do another editorial portrait session asap.

Model: Anna Page

Hair: Tamara Holden

Makeup: Bryana Jean Artistry

Studio: Wicker Park Studio


Art is expression of feelings, moments and our own perception of life! Don’t let anyone over make you doubt that!