Cayman Islands Destination Wedding

January 26, 2018

Kendall + Amar

I got a text from a random number one day with a proposition. She prefaced that it was a little bit of weird situation; they were having a destination wedding in the Cayman Islands. Kendall had me at Cayman. I met up with Kendall at a local bar in town and we talked wedding details. It was dreamy. I ran into her at the Cleveland airport over the summer, randomly, where I met Amar, her soon-to-be husband.

These two and the love they share for each other is undeniable. They’re two of the sweetest humans you’d ever be lucky enough to meet. They took me along for their crazy, amazing wedding week in the Caymans. I spent the week documenting their most intimate moments; laughter with family and friends, walking along their private beach together and ended the wedding night dancing in the rain and getting completely soaked head to toe on the beach. It was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had and can’t thank them enough for giving me the honor and trusting me enough to bring me to a foreign country and document their love story.

Hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from this gorgeous wedding week.



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