Cozy A-Frame Cabin In-Home Engagement Session

April 26, 2022

If I could’ve hand-picked my dream A-frame cabin, it would be the gorgeous Black Gables A-frame in Walhonding, Ohio. This is cabin tucked back in winding roads of middle-of-nowhere Ohio. It was the perfect setting for a cozy a-frame cabin in-home engagement session. Kassidy found me on Instagram and booked me for their wedding this upcoming winter. Kassidy herself is a super talented photographer — you should definitely creep on her landscape photos, they’re drool-worthy. I met Kassidy + Danny for the first time at this cabin to shoot their engagement session. Kassidy found this quaint, well-designed cabin. My mouth was drooling scrolling through their photos on Airbnb. And I low-key was trying to contain my excitement about shooting here so they didn’t think I was a huge weirdo. We both agreed an in-home engagement session would be the perfect fit for them.

They’re quite the adventurous couple; avid hikers, explorers and fellow wanderlust-ers, like myself. I think that’s why it was so easy to connect with them. They were welcoming, kind, funny souls and we were able to create some magic together. Being granted the creative freedom to come into a space as beautiful as this cabin and start working is truly what sets my soul on fire. Love stories such as this engagement session is what set my soul on fire and when I’m lucky enough to have that experience almost every time I shoot, it reminds me again and again why I love my job so damn much.

My clients understand it’s implicit to give me their trust. This is the only way we can create without pulling teeth. If you’re reading this, come into your next session with me with full trust. Let go of perfection. Get out of your own head. Let go, trust the process, and just be. Interested in learning more? Inquire here.

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