There will always be that moment when we look at someone for the first time in love with them.
About Jenna Knott

I call a little town in Northwest Ohio home. It's made up of my favorite things - Alex, my husband, and our three dogs, Harley, Indie and Dexter. I'm wild, spontaneous and adventurous but my other half keeps me grounded and level-headed (somebody needs to). I'm empathetic and tear up at just about anything that triggers genuine emotion. I'm also a day dreamer with my head up in the clouds most of the time, which I can attribute to the creative side of my brain.

I'm an impulsive shopper with immediate buyer's remorse. I stumble over my words a ton and cuss a little more than I probably should (sorry mom). I'm fiercely loyal and my family and friends are everything to me. I have a bleeding heart for animals and love Bulleit Rye on the rocks at the end of my nights.

We're all messy, intricate, and emotional. That's what makes us human.
And every type of human is welcome here.

Get To Know Me

Do you have moments where you sit back and think to yourself, “Damn, I’m so lucky." And then find yourself stupidly smiling out of nowhere? For me, it’s the slow mornings in the kitchen, the sun drenching our home in the most magical light and filling it with a stunning warmth. The days when coffee is still brewing, I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet, my hair is a mess, but I’m tenderly embraced from behind by my person - these are my moments.

The journey to finding your person can be messy, emotional and tough. I know, I've been there. But finding your person outweighs any hardships you've endured. It's the painful, perfectly imperfect love that you share with someone that makes your story unique.

Not only do I have the special ability to portray love through photographs, but I can feel and get to witness a part of your love story. And I get to call that my job - the best job ever. This job is what sets my soul on fire. And freakin' pinch me that I get to introduce myself as a full time photographer. Somehow it just keeps getting better.

The Experience


Madi + Tony Behan

Sessions with Jenna are like no other. She strays far from the mold of your typical posed and cookie-cutter photos. Jenna will do everything she can to make your session as fun, exciting, and comfortable as possible in order to capture the most unique moments for you. I have been blessed to work alongside her on both sides of the camera, and she never disappoints. Her incredible talent and raw eye for photography will create the most precious of moments. Jenna's beautiful work will have you falling in love all over again for years to come.

I offer an unconventional experience that gives my clients the permission to feel liberated and present.

Photography is an empathetic pursuit — the joining of two souls.

My kind of people are the ones that let go of the perfection and embrace the messy details. If you give me your trust in combination with showing up being unapologetically yourself, I promise to give you raw, honest, real photos that tell your love story in a way that sets your soul on fire.

I won't pose you. I give direction that allows you to be yourselves without feeling lost in what to do next. I want you to scream your favorite cuss word at me, be playful, vulnerable, angry, happy, whatever emotion you're feeling. It's valid, it's real and it's okay - because it's you being you.

Life isn't perfect. Love is beautifully complicated. So, why do we strive so hard to show others only the perfection of our lives when there are so many simple, beautiful and perfectly hard moments that should be documented and shared in between? I like to think there's a lot more to humans than just a curated highlight of people's best sides.

I like to peel back the layers and really get to know each other. That way, I can photograph you in all the imperfectly perfect beauty that you are.

I go hard for my clients. I advocate for them. I have their back and best interest at heart, always.