5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Unique

August 1, 2022

“We want our big day to be exactly like every other person’s wedding” said no couple ever. It’s your wedding day, you want it to be different, unique, and memorable! There are many different things that can make a wedding special, but it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. Now the main point of any wedding is for you and your partner to get married, but beyond that, it should be fun and personalized to the both of you! If you’re wanting your wedding to stand out and your celebration to be memorable, this list of 5 ways to make your wedding day more unique should do the trick!

Unexpected Flower Girl / Ring Bearer

Rather than a flower girl, how about flower grandmas, ring bearer grandpas, or your pets as the flower girl and ring bearer? Break tradition and surprise your guests with this fun alternative! The guests will love seeing this twist in roles walking down the aisle.

Name the Reception Tables

Use names that relate to your relationship. For example the restaurant you went on your first date, or the street name where you first lived together. This adds some personalization to your reception and allows the guests to learn more about you as a couple.

Wedding reception tablescape

Unity Ceremony

As a photographer I have seen many different unity ceremonies with the most common being the candle unity and sand unity ceremonies. My favorite is the tree planting ceremony. This is when the bride and groom mix together soil from meaningful areas of their relationship, or even soil from their childhood homes. After they add in soil they plant a tree or a seedling together. This represents the relationship taking root, growing, and thriving as you finally become a family.

Non-Traditional Catering

Skip the traditional dinner and fancy caterer and opt for food trucks! This will be a unique experience that your guests won’t forget. It’s also more cost-effective than traditional catering and your guests will have more options to choose from.

Beach wedding portraits

Rent a Bounce House

Remember all the fun you used to have as a kid when you went to a birthday party and there was a bounce house? Why can’t the fun continue! Rent a bounce house for your reception and your wedding will be sure to stand out. There are rental companies that have bounce houses specifically for weddings!

If hope this list of 5 ways to make your wedding day more unique gave you some ideas and inspiration to use at your wedding. To get some more inspiration and help with wedding planning check out, My Top Wedding Planning Tips. If you’re located in Ohio and want to book me for your big day click here!


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